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It was the next day after the screen test, and it was Friday, so there was the weekend coming on and the anxiety of waiting.

And I think that you really have to have things settled in your own life to even be looking out there in the field for someone who’s good in their own life.

This perfect shade of pewter is no grey area and as these two lovely ladies proves, the drape can be worn as a daring plunge à la Kim, or slightly more demure like Jen.

So get the look now and dress up for your next date night - we promise the drape and twist detailing of our well-cut alternatives will hide a multitude of sins!

She’s not replacing Stacey Dash’s character altogether—on the show she plays Raquel, a wealthy Southern Belle—but Dash, of course, is no more. She called me before I moved out to Atlanta and warned me that ‘this is not Hotlanta! Cause I’m from New York, I’m from Brooklyn, I always say sh*t how it is., but offscreen the actress is a happily married woman.On October 14, 2013 she wed photographer and director Anthony Mandler in a stunning ceremony held at a wine vineyard in Santa Ynez, California and Jennifer Hudson sang her down the aisle.Denise Vasi: I was going to Beverly Hills Hot Springs to get a body scrub and milk bath! EBONY: It’s a new character, but you’re still replacing Stacey Dash. I think that that was a wise decision for the writers not to attempt that. Raquel is going to go through something big in the first episode that’s going to make her question everything in her life, and we’ve all been there. I literally had just gotten my towels and stuff and checked in, and my phone rang and it was my manager. But at the same time, Stacey Littlejohn, our head writer, wrote that character and wrote her so well, as she does with the others and she wrote a Raquel that’s completely different and I’m a different actress playing a different character. We’ve all, like, had that moment of, ‘Why am I doing this?

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