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One young Japanese man even held a real-world, live-casted commitment ceremony with his virtual girlfriend from a dating sim called "Love Plus," which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies on the Nintendo DS handheld game console since 2009."In Japan, men do have virtual girlfriends — it is a phenomenon — indeed, there are even resorts that are dedicated to be places where one can go on 'vacation' with these fantasy women," Turkle said.A UK academic is campaigning against sex robots, arguing they are dehumanising, isolating and will encourage people to consider women as property.Hyper-realistic sex dolls are already widely available, but sex robots are still in development.Using sentiment analysis, she can adapt her phrasing and responses based on positive or negative cues from her human counterparts.She can tell jokes, recite poetry, share ghost stories, relay song lyrics, pronounce winning lottery numbers and much more.Abyss Creations, the maker of life-size sex dolls Real Doll, has told The New York Times they are bringing the future of sex dolls closer by building animatronics into its creations.Kathleen Richardson, a senior research fellow in the ethics of robotics at De Montfort University, started the Campaign Against Sex Robots."I want people to stop thinking about the word 'robot' and think about the word 'property', and what we're being encouraged to do is have relationships with property," she told the ABC's Lateline program.

But Xiao Ice is much more evolved than the chatbots you might remember.

It looks like Cortana has some competition: About two years after its launch in China, Microsoft has brought its chat bot to the United States.

works via Twitter, Kik, and Groupme, and is aimed at millennials.

I want someone who is religious and encourages me to be more religious as well but I am worried once he knows about my past he will say no and spread rumors about me. With an arranged marriage it is tricky to know when is the right time to mention if one has had sex in the past. Wait a few months into the engagement to mention it? Or would it be permissible to not say anything about it altogether.

I am truly repentant of my mistakes and I am worried about it now more than ever.

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Sexuality in the Digital Age can mean sexting on smartphones, hookups through Craigslist and Facebook, and transmitting lewd photos like Anthony Weiner or Brett Favre.

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