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Like clockwork, CPAC attendees have posted personal ads on Craigslist looking for love while they're in town. And then some are a little sad, like the 36-year-old man from rural Indiana who needs a man -- NOW!

Some seem harmless enough, like the "six foot one, conservative, awesome" guy looking for a conservative woman to check out some sights in D. Others get pretty racy, like the "super discreet" man interested in way more than a D. -- and says CPAC is his "only outlet for this sort of thing." There's also at least one that's just for laughs: "@CPAC looking for my Allen West -- m4m." (For obvious reasons, we have not been able to verify the seriousness of these requests.) We've compiled the ones we could find in the slideshow below.

The personal ad section within our Happy Hedonist site has been one of the biggest attractions for our users.

Many users have had much success in making a connection with other users and even meeting in the club.

It is basically the same as No Strings Attached (NSA).

A "Love Triangle" is when a group of three people are involved in a romantic relationship together.

-- It's time again for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, a fantastic event for catching speeches from the nation's leading conservatives and feeling fired up about what it means to be a Republican.

It's also a great place for having anonymous gay sex.

A "One Night Stand" is when you meet up with someone once to have sex and then you never see them again. A "Casual Encounter" is basically a one night stand. Friends With Benefits (FWB) is when two friends have Casual Sex with no commitment.

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I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most women actually looking for sex on Craigslist (from everyone I know who's actually met up with one) really aren't the type to socialize beyond a certain point or even know to look (or groom) past a certain... I'm not saying it is impossible to meet an attractive woman on CL, I suppose if you keep trying it'll eventually happen.

But same goes with meeting anyone you'll find attractive in pretty much any situation.

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Homosexuals were more concerned with sexuality, while heterosexuals specified a broader range of characteristics.

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