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One day I was sitting at one of friend,who owns a CD/DVD shop and also does all kind of recording etc. If uncle fucks Aunty’s virgin ass,then I don’t think I will have much fun with Aunty. An idea stuck me and I immediately set off for Pratibha Aunty’s house. I wanted to go too but Uncle said that I can go after 2 days when I leaves for the seminar. I said-I wanted some book and its there on the table.

“I need you to part your legs further,” he instructed softly. “To enable me to work on your quadriceps,” he said smoothly.

Alarm bells began to ring and Louise lifted her head reluctantly.

I knew she wouldn’t be too hard for me but I was much more interested in bedding her mom rather then her. I immediately took the screwdriver out of my pocket and opened it. I smiled and said-I am looking forward to the journey.

She was involved with some boys of her college and also with some teachers too. Then I slipped into the bedroom of Aunty and what I was searching was there-The DVD player. I controlled myself a little bit and said-You want me in the ass honey? She said-Am I such fool to let others know and I will miss the services of this big cock which your Uncle never gave me? I said-If Uncle asks you for this pleasure and find that you ass is no longer virgin,what will happened? I will tell him-You know how horny I am and after you left, I saw the special DVD and after seeing that, I used a cucumber to make the back passage a little loose so it wont hurt when you will fuck it. She said-Don’t forget to get best experience of the travel,you must travel frequently.

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