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A status about your super awesome job, an Instagram post of your 20 pound weight loss. Besides, who wants “headspace” when you can have 429 likes on your fitness transformation? I’ve taken yoga many times, but I have never dedicated time to meditate without any sort of physical activity involved.

They’re all tangible worthy of social media bragging.

We’re so busy focusing on the tangible, we don’t leave any room in our minds for actual, headspace. I’ve only heard good things, but never took the time to actually do it.

I have so many thoughts ALL of the time, the idea of “being one with myself” just never resonated.

This is holistic blog about everything in life, be it food, habits, beauty, health, fitness, career,healing, meditation and what not. The blog is all about making life “a bit more awesome” with interesting never-heard-before facts, tips and even videos on life, food, healthy eating, fitness, dating, life lessons and so much more.

How can the flex belt help you build a stronger core?

Race is rarely a factor in daily parenting decision-making, but sometimes it is. What can parents of mixed-race kids learn from parents who have adopted transracially and vice versa?

Our panelists share their own stories and insights. Moderator: Rayme Cornell Claudine Cooper is a Los Angeles based fitness expert, trainer and community health advocate.

Crystal Ksenjak is the creator and owner of Raising Our Blussian, a Mommy blog where she details her family life, reviews hair products for biracial/mixed children, and why #Russian Soul Sundays are the best thing since sliced bread.I met a new friend the other day, and he explained meditation in a way I have never heard it explained. It’s 10 minutes long and some dude with an extremely soothing voice guides you through everything.It’s like you’re sitting in the middle of the street. You’re very much aware those cars are there, but you choose not to hop in one. He doesn’t ask you to ignore the thoughts you’re having, because they’re inevitable.Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Claudine is a dynamic woman who has created a lifestyle that promotes optimum mental and physical health.Her personal and down to earth tips on fitness, dating, sex, marriage, and overall good health can all be found in her honest memoir: 25 to Life.

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