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When one man read one of the articles we’re going to refer you to read, he took it as if the author was saying that men were less intelligent and less capable of communicating. And different isn’t bad or less intelligent —it’s just The same is true in the reverse.Men can talk (or not talk) to us and we attach entirely different meanings to what is or isn’t said. There needs to be a determination to progress on changing ourselves in ways that are outside of our comfort zone.But intermarital communication can be even more of a minefield because of the hurt and anger and plain chaos wrought by addiction.

God created the woman to be the husband’s helpmeet. We as women have much more flexibility and strengths with our verbal skills and communication abilities.

Her descriptions did something to me as I scrolled, word by word. I hid my face as my younger son approached, needing something right that moment, in the impatient way of the youngest child. The Pill was new when Johnson sat down to write her essay, and it had not yet revolutionized women’s ability to delay childbearing in order to pursue personal fulfillment and career success.

And so only 38 percent of women worked outside the home, most of them in rigidly gender-scripted and relatively low-paying, low-status fields—nursing, teaching, secretarial work.

In writing a deceptively simple and straightforward article about her own life and the lives of other women, Johnson’s mission was profound.

She was searching for a language for “the problem without a name,” two years before Betty Friedan published She wanted to tell us something about the way some people live, people one didn’t normally think of as interesting or worthy of ink, and what it did to them. The next question was likely to be, “What was it about? “It’s a story about some other people.”* * *Things are undeniably different for women now than they were for Nora Johnson, the daughter of the producer Nunnally Johnson.

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Their differences from us can become a blessing and a big part of the strength of our marriages – if we are willing to offer grace, respect and God’s love. Realize you are going to have to adjust your expectations around his personality and around his wounds and that you will need to learn to adapt your skills and communications gifts to suit him.

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